New game presented by:
ANG People

INSIDERS is a single-player adventure game set within the human body
  • Huge open word full of danger
  • single-player, survival game
  • Inspired by SUBNAUTIKA

  • PC, windows 7,10
  • Made by Unity
  • Early access on steam
  • Release: 12.4.2021
  • Lokalisation: CZ, EN
*** Release date: 2021 04 12 ***
Martin Svoboda
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Welcome to your new dangerous game INSIDERS.

You will be shrunk into the micro world hidden inside the human body. Pilot a microscopic ship through the bloodstream. Mine resources and fight microbes. Craft items and weapons from the human matter. You will be part of a science mission that needs to find a cure for cancer. The patient is dying quickly, and you are the last hope of humanity to eradicate this horrible disease once and for all. Don’t get eaten!

Why is the game worth playing?
  • Navigation: You will have to seek path among the rotating cells and skillfully pilot the ship
  • Combat: Series of evasive maneuvers needs to be used to escape or shield the enemy’s attacks.
  • Construction: Hidden bases can be constructed in any shape using a building kit to survive the darkness.

The game gets darker with each step. Danger lurks everywhere.

  • Extraction of raw materials: Splitting and mining minerals from the bloodstream never disappoint.
  • Crafting: Create items and weapons from the human matter to improve your abilities.
  • Scientific missions: Cure for cancer must be found. You will need to complete tasks and receive rewards

SUBNAUTIKA! If I had to compare the game INSIDERS to something, then it would be the game Subnautika. Open world, raw material extraction, production. In addition, there is a sophisticated combat system.

Mind Flow: You will never experience boring passages. Flying through a crowded environment requires flight and orientation skills.


The most hostile environment on the planet is right inside each of us

CANCER! A disease that has plagued humanity for centuries. At least in this game you will have the opportunity to beat it. What can you sacrifice to stop this scourge of humanity?

How far are you willing to go to defeat death itself?

After a series of invasive treatments, the patient's body is on the verge of death. The immune system is weakened and hostile organisms multiply uncontrollably inside the body. Not only the patient's life is endangered, but also decades of research.


The game will be released in an early access during the first quarter of 2021. There will also be regular updates, additional content, new missions, modes and new environments.

Plans for the future
  • Mods: sperm races, escape from death
  • Maps: brain, liver, bloodstream maze
  • Alien diseases and enemy ships
  • Growing your own bacteria
  • Catching viruses and virus laboratory
  • Trading station
  • Mega projects with artery repairs
  • Construction of new ships

What is done?

430 models of environment, cells, enemies, raw materials
inventory, crafting, building construction
scanning, combat, mining, enemy AI

  • 22 species of bacteria
  • 5 coccobacilli
  • 10 types of viruses
  • 10 species of parasites
  • 10 bosses
Raw materials
  • 18 raw materials for mining
  • 47 production resources
  • 27 ship upgrades
  • 65 construction elements


ANG People is a small company. Insiders is our third game. I work on the development on my own. The company has several contractors who take care of the application testing.

  • 8 months of development
  • Number of developers: 1
  • Investment: 100K+

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NAME: ANG People s.r.o.
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ANNO: 20.3.17

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